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Links to a few of the websites I've created...
Gabrielle Anderman

An artist, with some beautiful work to peruse online!


A huge archive of America's
longest running late-night serial
comedy smash hit.

Brad Friedman

Oh, you're already familiar with this one.

CDV Enterprises

A "spoof" site created to
publicize "Dracula: A Musical Nightmare". Lots of funny content...

The Sacred Fools Theater

Enormous website, supporting the many facets of a Los Angeles Theater Company.
Now managed by me and maintained by many.

Computer Geek
And a few of the software packages I've developed...
Good geek stuff. Enjoy...

Brad Friedman's PowerGenerator!

The PowrTOOLS for PowerBBS!

The PowrTOOLS for PowerBBS!

Grafix NetCalendar!ZDNet 5-Star Editor's Pick!


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