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Random Stuff n' Nonsense...
Brad Friedman: Talk Radio Idol!
The Secret Audition Tapes Revealed!
Listen Online!
The Bizarre World of "Andy Kaufman Lives"
Andy died 20 years ago. Or did he?
Step into a very strange world..

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Holiday Roadtrip Web Sites!
...Reported live from the road!!
Our '98-'99 holiday web site.
DRUDGE eats his heart out.
Brad & Desi's Roadtrip Odyssey
Winter 1997-98!

Other stuff...
Letters from my Grandfather during WWII
A (mostly) true story about my family on Passover!
Published 3/20/99 in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Miscellaneous Photos 'n' Stuff...
Pacific Northwest Road Trip
Summer 2004
Rain Forests, Wolfs and Slugs!
Zim the Cat 1989 - 2004
My longtime roommate
In Memoriam
Barry Leonard Friedman 1950 - 2004
Uncle Barry
In Memoriam
Mitch & Karen's Wedding - a quick slideshow!
My younger cousin gets married!
In Chicago! In December! In 2004!
Happy 0th Birthday to Amarah!
March 31, 2002
My new nice niece. 
Super Tuesday Report - Video!!!
March, 2000
Taking to the Polls!!! Check it out!
Haircut! Live Onstage Video!!!
December, 1999
Grainy, but shocking!
Random Pictures of Desiree
...Ain't she darlin'?
Photos from the Bill Blank Wedding
Summer 1998
Pictures of my swell cousins at Epcot!
The Glasers Psychodelia
A Photo of where I grew up!
From space!!!
Happy 36th Anniversary to my Mom & Dad!
Still crazy...
Brad in the Cult Classic...Dead Boyz Can't Fly
The awards, the reviews, the humanity...

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