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Brad Friedman - Pictures from our Pacific Northwest Road Trip - Summer 2004

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A few photos (by Desi Doyen) from our
Pacific Northwest Road Trip
Summer 2004

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon
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Good view of the lake formed by the eruption of a volcano.
It's the deepest and bluest in the world. There are no inlets or
outlets. It's all glacier and rainwater.
Photo (like the others) taken from about a thousand feet up on
the rim road overlook.
That's "Wizard Island" in the middle, another cinder cone.

"Phantom Ship". The other "island" in the middle of the lake.
It's a pretty big island actually, but as I said, we're from 1000 to 2000
feet above the lake on one of the rim overlooks.

A nice shot of "Phantom Rock" as seen way down below
through a twisted White Pine from way up above.

Brad sliding down one of the glaciers.
Much fun in the middle of August!


Lake of the Woods, Oregon

Time exposed star tracks taken by Desi.
From our camp sight amongst the towering pines
at Lake of the Woods.

Blogging this BRAD BLOG entry by firelight.
Photo and fire, by Desi!

Not catching much from our rental boat!
But having a good time doing it!

A wolf (and her caretaker) from the Howling Acres Wolf Sanctuary.
They gave a dusk presentation back at the Lake of the Woods Resort.
Walking distance from the National Forest where we were camping.


Lake Quinault Rain Forest, Washington
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One of the towering thousand-year-old Douglas Firs.
One of many in this rain forest.

At the base of one of the Douglas Firs on one of the interpretative trails.

Tree hugger, Brad.
My love affair with one of the largest Western Red Cedars in the world!

My love affair with an enormous Banana Slug.

Taking a hike on one of the fallen trees.
Yes, that is one fallen tree.

That's lush, baby.


Beach at Westport, Washington

Adrift on the driftwood.
As far North as we've ever been in this country.
And we slept through the whole thing. Very nice.


(More photos coming soon. Maybe.)

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